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Lots of new features have been added to the site!

Lots of new features have been added to the site!

I will be coming out with a new YouTube video soon, but I wanted to do a little run down on some of the new features that have been added to the site over the past several weeks.

There are now 3 stock lists, and online versions of each one of them. You can still download each one as a spreadsheet from the Members page, but now you can drill into each stock by clicking on its ticker symbol.

The performance of each list is summarized on the Members page and also summed up on the Home page. You can also download each list in Yahoo Finance CSV format so you can easily import them into your Yahoo Finance portfolios. I like doing this because then I get notifcations from the Yahoo Finance app about their activity.

There is a new Scorecard page, which you can easily get to from any of the stocks in any of the lists to see how they are stacking up against all of the algorithms and associated metrics. You can also get to the Scorecard page from the Members navigation menu. I use this all of the time whenever I read an article about a stock or someone tells me about a stock...this is my way of getting to the truth fairly quickly on the stock.

The Scorecard page also employs a unique scoring system that assigns scores based on how many of the algorithm checks pass for the particular stock in question. I will add a new blog post later that goes into the details of the scoring system and how the recommendations are calculated.

There is also a new page called "Top 50 Recommended Stocks" with the link to it under the Members navigation menu. This page produces a list of the top 50 stocks from the site based upon their algorithm score, with the highest ones being at the top.

Why do some stocks drop off the list(s) and come back later?

You may be asking yourself this question sometimes, especially if you have been a member for a while, and have seen the same stocks added and dropped from the various lists.

There are several reasons for this, but the main one is that stock's price may have gone up, which in turn makes its P/E ratio go up. Since several of the criteria on the different algorithms are based off of the P/E ratio, when it increases, it could push it over over the edge and cause it to drop off of the list.

Another reason is that a stock may have updated numbers from a recent earnings report, and the new numbers may disqualify it from a list as well.

If you ever have questions about this, please hit me up via the site's Contact page.

Happy trading!

Do your own due diligence

Hi everybody, I wanted to get a quick message out to you all about the stocks that show up on my lists.

Just because they are on one of the lists does not mean that you should just blindly buy them! You need to research the stock, which is pretty easy to do on Yahoo Finance or your own broker's mobile application or web site. Find out if the company is really legit or if it looks like they have just been "cooking the books". What I mean by "cooking the books" is did something weird occur in the last quarter or fiscal year that artificially built up their income, such as a huge tax write-off, or a sale of one of their businesses. This can make it look like they are making a profit when in fact it may have been just a one-time anomaly.

Also, you really should look at the current price of the stock and see if they are trading in their normal range. If they are not, you need to find out why. There might be some recent news stories involving the company or what their latest announcements are. You really need to see if buying them makes sense for you and that you are comfortable with making the trade.

If, after doing all of your homework, you still find yourself convinced that you want to buy the stock, don't just pay the current market price for the stock. Instead, always place a limit order for the stock, that way you can buy it at the price that you want to buy it at.

The purpose of this blog

First of all, if you are reading this, that means that you are signed up to my site, so thank you very much!

I wanted to let you all know about the reason I decided to do this blog in the first place, and it really is all about sharing my ideas of things that I have done in trading stocks, both good and bad. I want you to learn from my successes and failures.

I am the number one customer of this site, and I use it every day to help me analyze stocks and figure out what is the next stock that I want to buy. I also use it to find out if I should buy, when I should sell, and more. I will be adding more posts that describe the ways that I use this site so that you can get the maximum benefit out of it, just like I do.

My main purpose is to help you learn some useful techniques in order to be able to really take advantage of my stock lists. I hope you enjoy this site, and have good luck in your trading!