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Stock Summary for Blackstone Inc (BX) - $106.55 as of 9/28/2023 3:33:27 PM EST

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7 out of 29

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Growth List Algorithm Criteria for BX

Positive earnings growth
P/E ratio less than Industry P/E Ratio
P/E ratio less than Sector P/E Ratio
P/E ratio that is half the growth rate (or less)
Positive net cash position the past year and most recent quarter
Equity to debt ratio greater than 0.75 for past year and most recent quarter
Positive net income past year and 12 trailing months
Free cash flow ratio greater than 0 and less than 10

Small Cap List Algorithm Criteria for BX

Revenue growing by at least 20% average per year over the last 5 years
Market Capitalization under 2 billion
Price to Sales (P/S) ratio 12 trailing months less than Industry P/S ratio twelve trailing months
Price to Sales (P/S) ratio 12 trailing months less than Sector P/S ratio twelve trailing months
Net Income past year > Net Income prior year OR Net Income 12 trailing months > Net Income prior year OR Net Income 12 trailing months > Net Income past year

Dividend List Algorithm Criteria for BX

Declared an ex-dividend date
Forward annual dividend rate greater than 2
Positive net cash position the past year and most recent quarter
Equity to debt ratio greater than 0.75 for past year and most recent quarter
Current ratio most recent quarter greater than 2

Bonus Criteria for BX

P/E ratio less than five-year Average P/E ratio
Last Price to 52 Week Low Ratio Less Than 1
Total Cash Per Share > Last Day Price
P/S Ratio < 1
P/B Ratio < 1

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Financial Details for BX

Company Overview

Ticker BX
Company Name Blackstone Inc
Country USA
Description Blackstone Group Inc. is an alternative asset management company specializing in real estate, private equity, hedge fund solutions, credit, secondary funds of funds, public debt and equity strategies and multiple asset classes. The company is headquartered in New York, New York with additional offices across Asia, Europe and North America.
Sector Name FINANCE
Most Recent Quarter 6/30/2023
Next Earnings Date 10/18/2023

Stock Price History

Last Day Price 106.55
Last Day Price Updated 9/28/2023 3:33:27 PM EST
Last Day Volume 0
Average Daily Volume 9,007,561
52-Week High 116.78
52-Week Low 69.86
Last Price to 52 Week Low 52.52 %

Valuation Measures

Trailing PE 64.19
Industry PE 71.84
Sector PE 22.54
5-Year Average PE 26.15
Free Cash Flow Ratio 23.06
Industry Free Cash Flow Ratio 28.09
Sector Free Cash Flow Ratio 11.21
Current Ratio Most Recent Quarter 179.62
Total Cash Per Share 4.62
Book Value Per Share Most Recent Quarter 10.12
Price to Book Ratio 7.80
Industry Price to Book Ratio 4.01
Sector Price to Book Ratio 2.01
Price to Sales Ratio Twelve Trailing Months 7.56
Industry Price to Sales Ratio Twelve Trailing Months 3.76
Sector Price to Sales Ratio Twelve Trailing Months 2.82

Share Statistics

Total Shares Outstanding 709,750,000
Market Capitalization 75,623,862,500
Institutional Ownership N/A


Ex-Dividend Date 7/28/2023
Last Dividend Amount 0.79
Current Dividend Amount 0.79
Dividend Aristocrat? False
Trailing Annual Dividend Rate 3.42
Trailing Annual Dividend Yield 3.23 %
5-Year Dividend Payments Count 20
Dividend Payout Ratio 206.02 %

Income Statement

Quarterly Earnings Growth YOY -93.40 %
Annual Earnings Growth -70.16 %
Reported EPS 12 Trailing Months 1.66
Reported EPS Past Year 1.90
Reported EPS Prior Year 5.17
Net Income Twelve Trailing Months 1,247,236,000
Net Income Past Year 1,747,631,000
Net Income Prior Year 5,857,397,000
Quarterly Revenue Growth YOY 578.00 %
5-Year Revenue Growth 5.66 %

Balance Sheet

Total Cash Most Recent Quarter 3,280,204,000
Total Cash Past Year 4,252,003,000
Total Cash Prior Year 2,119,738,000
Net Cash Position Most Recent Quarter -9,193,125,000
Net Cash Position Past Year -8,238,997,000
Long Term Debt Past Year 12,491,000,000
Long Term Debt Prior Year 7,855,601,000
Total Debt Most Recent Quarter 12,473,329,000
Equity to Debt Ratio Past Year 0.38
Equity to Debt Ratio Most Recent Quarter 0.37
Total Stockholder Equity Past Year 7,655,911,000
Total Stockholder Equity Prior Year 9,422,893,000
Total Stockholder Equity Most Recent Quarter 7,219,447,000


Put/Call Ratio 1.67
Has Options Options Chain
Liquidity Rating

Technical Analysis

Yahoo Finance Chart Yahoo Finance Chart
MACD 1.50
MACD Signal 2.62
20-Day Bollinger Lower Band 79.43
20-Day Bollinger Middle Band 98.34
20-Day Bollinger Upper Band 117.25
Beta 1.48
RSI 43.35
50-Day SMA 89.70
200-Day SMA 81.43


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