Tim's Stock Lists Testimonials

"Using this website and getting the lists of growth and dividend stocks sent straight to my email has helped me immensely in navigating the stock market and making my first investments!! Thanks to the website for helping me understand what each step of the process and algorithms mean and the lists for demonstrating data to support what stocks I should invest my money in, I have made over $1,000 in revenue of smart money that I would not have made before!!! I used to really hate the stock market in general because it was difficult for me to navigate and now I have fun making money moves and getting smarter as I do so. "
Jasmine M. on 4/14/2021

"I've been a member of Tim's stock list for the last 3 months and I have made more money on my entire portfolio than the last 12 months. The information is crystal clean and the presentation is not confusing for a novice like me. Knowing Tim and his passion on this project is evident with every available feature and the constant improvements. The capability to dig into any stock and understand the specifics instead of picking one randomly makes me feel not worry about my investment !! Thanks for making me feel *Smart* about my investment decisions !!"
Vidyasagar S. on 4/29/2021